Lectures and Recommened Videos

Baltimore Imagined by Shakeer Franklin

How the Black Butterfly Shows Up in Data by Colin Starger

Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers Reinforce Segregation in Baltimore

Pursuing Data on COVID-19

Owned: A Tale of Two Americas (Dr. Brown is featured starting at 23:11)

Zoning Matters: How Land-Use Policies Shape Our Lives

Race and Redlining: Housing Segregation in Everything

Voices of Baltimore: Life Under Segregation

The Baltimore Plan, 1953

Desegregating Baltimore City Schools

Walter P. Carter: Champion for Change

Voices from Within: Hopkins/EBDI Displacement in Middle East Baltimore

Fight Back, Stand Up: Middle East Baltimore vs. the Hopkins/EBDI Machine

BET Finding Justice: The Lead Paint Crisis in Baltimore

Baltimore Rising — BPD Brutality Before and After Freddie Gray

Five Years After Freddie Gray's Death: The Resistance Makes Change, The Government Doesn't

Police Brutality Exacts Widespread Trauma on People of Color